"Most construction projects in suburban or urban locations such as Newport require a party wall notice to be served upon adjoining owners" 


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Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors Guidance
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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 came into force in 1997, and gives you rights and responsibilities regarding work taking place on or near a Party structure, whatever side of the wall you lay. 

The Party Wall Act does not affect any requirement for Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval for any work undertaken. Likewise, having Planning Permission and/or Building Regulation Approval does not negate the requirements under the Party Wall Act.  If you are carrying out a project in Newport or have been served notice please do contact us to arrange a discussion about the requirements of the Act.






















The Party Wall Act comes into effect if someone is planning to do work on a relevant structure, such as 

* A wall which is common to two (or more) properties, this includes where someone built a wall and a neighbour subsequent built something butting up to it. 
* A wall forming part of only one building but which is on the boundary line between two (or more) properties. 
* A garden wall, where the wall is astride the boundary line (or butts up against it) and is used to separate the properties but is not part of any building. 
* Floors and ceilings of flats etc. 
* Excavation near to a neighbouring property. 

Are you planning a project in Newport make sure you get the best advice from one of our surveyors.



















What do we offer?

Western Building Consultants in Bristol are skilled Party Wall Surveyors and our staff include members of The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors . We are happy to offer a free no obligation consultation before being formally instructed to act as your surveyor. We generally operate in the Bristol & Bath area, although we are happy to travel further afield. To ensure that costs do not spiral out of control we aim to provide fixed price competitive fees where possible. To obtain a quotation or to simply ask some advice, please contact us.






Proper consideration for the design and detailing of extensions and new builds in regards to the Party Wall Act is key to project success at the construction stage, this can help reduce delays due to the party wall Act.


How can I aid the process?


It also helps if the boundary condition is well established.Good relations with your neighbours always helps, although this is not always a guarantee that they will not dissent a notice. It is important to note that party structure notices carry a 2 month notice period and this should always be planned into the project cycle to avoid delays. It helps if the junction between any adjoining properties and the relative foundation construction is resolved as much as possible before notices are served. 

























Who do we help?


As well as working for home owners and developers we offer an advice service for orther designers in Bristol such as architects and planners. We are happy to discuss any project at planning stage and to comment on the legalities of the boundary condition. 


Have you recieved a party wall notice from your neighbour?


Not sure what to do? contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss your options, in most cases there will be no charge to you if we need to act on your behalf.



What Processes are involved?


In order to act on your behalf we require a signed authorisation to sign and act as your Party Wall Surveyor, for more information on the full process please read the explanatory booklets and information contained on this page.

James Dean MSc BSc(Hons) MCIAT FCABE

James Dean MSc BSc(Hons) MCIAT FCABE

MFPWS. James is the managing director of the practice and has over 10 years of experience administering the Party Wall Act as a party wall surveyor in Bristol. He has experience of residential and commercial projects and is able to provide strategic advice for developments. He is a full member of the faculty of party wall surveyors.

Luke Jeffery

Luke Jeffery

Trainee building surveyor, Luke is currently assisting with Party Wall matters.

Paul Keegan MRICS DipSurv MBA

Paul Keegan MRICS DipSurv MBA

Surveying manager- Paul has a wealth of experience working in building control and surveying. He has acted as party wall surveyor in the South Wales area.

Jack Hussey WBC

Jack Hussey WBC

Trainee Building Surveyor, having started his career with WBC at just seventeen Jack has progressed to the role of trainee building surveyor he carries out residential party wall projects and assists on larger developments.

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